Shipping services

Competent handling of any custom and port matters are critical in the logistic chain. In an increasingly competitive market, global trade becomes more and more dependable on guaranteed delivery dates.
Every ship owner or master requires a reliable agent in port to take care of husbandry and port matters. They need agents with strong local links and the skills to deliver cost-effective and just in time services.
In Tamibel Group everything we do is geared towards keeping our customers’ vessels, cargos and crew on the move.

We offer:

  • Professional service
  • Competitive prices
  • 24/7 services
  • Spanish, English and Chinese speaking personnel

Shipping agency: a pro-active port agency
Tamibel Group offers full port agency services, designed to ensure that your ships can enter and leave port as quickly and efficiently as possible without incurring unnecessary delays and unwelcome additional costs.

You can count on our dedicated team of professionals and their wealth experience in the shipping business. We ensure flexibility and immediate action to cope with contingency.

Our staff members will personally assist the captain and his crew in providing the services required. Among them:

  • Reserving berth for the incoming ship
  • Order pilots
  • Arraging for tugs, launches and linesman services
  • Prepare documents for customs and harbour services.
  • Crew inmigration requirements, transfers and accommodation
  • Arranging any medical assistance
  • BL management
  • Arranging for fresh water, bunkering, etc.
  • Organizing stevedores services
  • Arranging for the necessary repairs
  • Third parties invoices control and payment
  • Cash delivery to master
  • Presence of our staff during turnaround

Ship chandler
Tamibel Group is committed to ensuring the provision of quality products and services required by the modern shipping business.

We have strong links to local providers and we offer our customers:

  • Provisions (dairy, frozen, fresh and dry products)
  • Accessories and spare parts
  • General supplies (Cabin, janitorial, catering materials, etc)
  • Safety items

Ocean Freights
Through a reliable network of alliances with the main actors of the ocean freight market, we are able to deliver a fast and competitive service.

Port of Montevideo connectivity is remarkable. This allows us to offer ocean freights to all over the world with the main shipping lines.

We take care of the container handling management for export: issue of booking, coordination of removal of empty containers, delivery of full containers to port terminal, and complete management of local costs for port terminals and shipping lines.

Customs Clearance
Tamibel Group arranges customs entries to be submitted accurately, timely and in accordance to current regulations, in order to speed your shipments on their way, and avoiding any undue delays to your exports. Let our expertise benefit you and leave you free to concentrate on other matters