Integral logistics services

We provide comprehensive logistics solutions based on the diversity of our companies’ expertise. These tailor-made solutions are designed and planned always keeping in mind the optimization of client’s time and resources. There is no task too large or too small. All services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are a port operator with their own equipment for all the services offered.

Special cargoes
Our trademarks are flexibility and creativity. There is no cargo we cannot handle. Whether the cargo is frozen products, launching of a boat, out of gauge cargo, special cargo, and general or heavy lift cargo; whether a single truck  delivery or  a complex  multimodal  cargo  logistics, all will be

handled with the utmost care and attention by a trained and experienced team while taking all the steps to ensure the highest safety standards.

Machinery rental
We have 3 Reach Stacker, 10 forklifts and 3 cranes which can be hired hourly and with professional driver. Our experience enable us to develop customized solutions.

Truck service
We specialize in the movement of containers within the port area and off-port terminals. We own a fleet of more than 30 trucks equipped with radio and GPS, allowing continuous monitoring of vehicle status. Our team of qualified drivers works in rotating shifts. We carry out not only the moving of container but also any other goods or cargo with special characteristics.

Workers by the hour
Complementarily to the machinery rental, o independently of it, we offer services of skilled workers on an hourly basis. A team led by an efficient group of supervisors who work on close liaison with the customer to ensure optimum accomplishment of the goals. Among the wide range of services offered, we highlight: stevedoring, sorting, tally for exportation, palletizing, labelling, vessel cleaning, and any other task above or below deck or on-dock.

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We will provide you with a tailor-made solution for any of your service needs.

For additional information: comercial@tamibel.com.uy