Unloading services for fishing vessels and reefers

Tamibel specializes in loading and/or discharge of fishing vessels and reefer vessels. We offer comprehensive solutions for your cargo operations. Cargo handling instructions are delivered by the ship-owner or the shipping agency, and Tamibel aligns its human and logistical resources in order to resolve the operation in the most efficient and flexible way. All of this with crystal clear rates, without surprises, at a fixed price per unloaded ton, which is set beforehand.

Comprehensive solutions to your entire unloading operative:

  • Human resources: stevedores hold and dock supervisor, chief operational manager, tally clerks and surveillance.
  • Logistic resources: cranes, reach stackers, forklifts, special tools and trucks
  • Office within the port, operating 24/7
  • Unrivalled experience in the preparation of goods to be exported: sorting, tallying, labelling, consolidation and de-consolidation, palletizing, etc.

In handling frozen cargo, issues like time, costs and delivery terms are crucial for the competitiveness of your exportable supply. In order to enhance these issues Tamibel Group has incorporated a new business unit specialized in port services.

We offer services of shipping agency, ship chandlers, ocean freight and custom clearance. These services are optional. You have the freedom to manage them through our shipping agency, or the one you regularly work with.

Proof of our full commitment to an efficient and successful operation are our customers. Tamibel is the company in which 85% of Spanish vessels calling at the port of Montevideo trust for their loading/discharge operations. Particularly remarkable is the successful growth in the number of Korean and Chinese fishing vessels and reefers unloaded.

Trust in us:
“Your business in good port”