Tamibel completes a successful unloading operation of the Atmoda reefer

The operation took place at the port of Montevideo and was carried out with great success. Tamibel was chosen by Lavinia enterprises to perform the entire discharge operation.

The operation was assessed as highly satisfactory and efficient. It was fully coordinated with all the players involved in it: port operators, shipping agency and port authorities.

We are very proud of our team. They performed in a very efficient manner, meeting all safety and quality requirements. The task was executed professionally and within the programmed time schedule.

This was the first reefer vessel of the year with cargo from the Southern Atlantic fishing grounds.

Some figures:

Total tonnage of the cargo was more than 8.000 ton. A volume of almost 500.000 packages handled. 300 shipping containers delivered. Four holds unloaded simultaneously. A team of more than 300 workers. All of this was accomplished in less than 5 days.up to 10,5 mt but in the future it will accommodate up to 12 mt.